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Helmingham Primary School & Nursery



Our schools and nurseries use a management information system called ARBOR to help collect, store, manage and use all the information they need. This means that pupil information, parental/guardian information, texts, emails, meals, clubs, trips, parents’ evenings and payments, are all in one place. This is the key way of communicating with you beyond the school gate and relies on you using a downloadable app for your phone, or by logging in the Arbor parent portal website on your PC, laptop or tablet.

When you access the Arbor Parent Portal you will be able to receive messages and emails from your child’s school. This is where you would see which clubs (and trips) are available, to book your child's place and make payment as required, all in one place. You can pay for school meals and breakfast clubs here too. The parental portal app is free to use.

  1. To access the Parent Portal through your web browser:

Go to on your web browser. Click on ‘First Time Logging In’ then enter your email address and click ‘Set password’. You need to use the same email address that is in our system; this will be the email address where you currently receive school emails. If the system recognises your email address, it will send you a password reset email with link to set up your account.

  1. To access the Parent Portal through the Arbor Parent App:

Download the app via your phone’s app store. Android users, ensure you have turned on push notifications by going to Settings > Apps > Arbor > Notifications. iOS users will be prompted to receive push notifications when you download the app, ensure you select ‘allow’. You must enable push notifications to receive a notification when you have a new in-app message. If you do not enable this, you will not be alerted to new messages and may miss important information.

Enter your email address in the app login screen. If the email is recognised by our system, it will ask you to confirm the school and then you can click ‘Forgotten my password’ to request a new password. The system will then send you a password reset email. Please check your junk mail folders in case any password reset emails end up there.

The first time you log in, you are prompted to confirm your child’s date of birth. (If you have more than 1 child at the school, please confirm the date of birth of your eldest child. Once you are logged in you will be able to switch between children).

  1. Things to note

Only adults who are primary guardians of a child can access the app. Primary Guardians are usually the person/s who have parental responsibility for the student.

In-App Messages: We will send in-app messages via Arbor to your phones, this will help us reduce the number of text messages that we send (the school is charged for every text message sent but in-app messages are free to both you and the school). When you are sent an in-app message, you will receive a notification (ensure you have enabled this feature on your phone, as detailed above.) In the Arbor App you will see a notification at the bottom right of your screen on the profile icon. Tap this notification, then click to see your messages. You will be taken to the messages page where you can see all messages received. Make sure you are accessing the app on a phone; the app will not function on a tablet.

To safeguard student data in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Arbor only works directly with schools.

If you have any issues logging on to the Arbor Parent Portal or using it, please contact the school office.

  1. Arbor App leaflet for Guardians